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James Trinh

James is a professional WordPress Designer that has been creating top-notch functional websites for various E-commerce stores since 2018. “What differentiates Design Jetline’s work from others is understanding the business and being able to meet your target audience’s needs. You can have the best looking website on the market but if it receives no traction it holds no value.”




Capture the essence of your business in a way that speaks to your target audience. If you do not have a logo that represents your brand you can count on us to create one that aligns with your vision and goals.


Don’t have any visual or written content yet? We will create and write content that is relevant to your business and targeted for your audience.


With years of experience in E-commerce. We link your inventory and make it seamless to manage. Linked payments and payouts. Sales funnels to upsell and increase total revenue.

SEO Strategy

Optimize your website to get higher search rankings and unlock more traffic. You can have the best looking website on the market but if it gains no traffic then the website holds no value.


UX focuses on creating a seamless and meaningful experience by understanding target user. UI focuses on the visual, interactive elements of a product to create aesthetically-pleasing interfaces. 

Web Security

We use the industry’s leading firewall to Protect, Detect and Secure your website. Identifying and Blocking any malicious attackers.


How We Work



If you are unsure which package is best for your needs, feel free to email and schedule a call with us. We will have your questions answered in 24 hours. After signing up for a package you will receive an email prompt from us that includes basic questions to get an idea of your business, your goals and the type of design you had in mind. You will receive a response email from us about your inquiry to confirm details.


Once the details of your inquiry have been confirmed, we will start Brainstorming. Our team will determine who your target audience is, to ensure that the design addresses their needs and preferences. Then, we will choose fitting color palettes that complement your brand. We will compile all content, both visual and written, as well as make a list of plugins and attributes that will be included in your website. Additionally, we will list all links that will be connected to buttons, design funnels or pop-ups to optimize the user experience.




We start with Information Architecture (IA) this will be the structure and organization of information. Next is a Wireframe, a blueprint of a page’s interface that focuses on space allocation and prioritization of content. The next component is putting together the web design using the information we compiled. We use WordPress for the Content Management System (CMS). Last, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Security.

Our Packages


Business Package


Business Pro


E-Commerce Package


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We don't just want to build you a visually appealing website. We want to launch your business to the next level.
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We offer unlimited revisions! We’re not satisfied until you’re fully satisfied.

The website does not come with a domain. If you have a domain already we can connect the website to your existing domain. If you do not have a domain yet we can assist you in registering a domain after choosing one of our packages.

We offer 100% full refunds if the refund is requested before we have started the Design Phase. We unfortunately do not offer refunds that are requested once the Design Phase has started due to the nature of the work.

After purchasing one of our packages we will need general information about your business and goals which we will obtain from an inquiry email we send to you after your purchase. After that, we will handle everything else for you until your website is delivered.

We manage web content with Wordpess and web design using Elementor. For E-commerce request we use WooCommerce. For specific designs we use Figma and Photoshop.

Have more questions?

Contact us at support@designjetline.com. We will respond within 24 hours. We don’t use any response bots. Only real people. Real responses. 

Need Maintenence?

We offer maintenance on your website built by us free of charge up to a year per request. We only deliver quality and we want to uphold that.

Want to join the team?

Contact us and let us know about your skills and experience.

We have open positions for Experienced Designers and Marketing Management.